3-Course Meal Recipes Cooked with an Air Fryer by Chef

“3-Course Meal Recipes Cooked with an Air Fryer by Chef” – In this Tasty video, a chef is challenged to cook a 3-course meal using only an air fryer. The chef starts by making a crispy chicken appetizer, followed by a main course of salmon and vegetables, and finishes with a dessert of chocolate lava cake. Throughout the video, the chef demonstrates various techniques and tips for cooking with an air fryer, such as using parchment paper to prevent sticking and maximizing space in the air fryer basket. Despite the limitations of the air fryer, the chef successfully creates a delicious and complete 3-course meal, proving that it is possible to cook a variety of dishes with this versatile appliance.

In this video about “3-Course Meal Recipes Cooked with an Air Fryer by Chef”.


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