AEV Sierra Grande

AEV Sierra Grande: The Ultimate GMC Sierra HD Concept for Overlanding

If you are looking for a heavy-duty truck that can handle any terrain and challenge, you might want to check out the AEV Sierra Grande concept. This is a collaboration between GMC and American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), a company that specializes in creating off-road vehicles and accessories. The Sierra Grande concept is based on the GMC Sierra 2500HD AT4X, but with some major upgrades and modifications that make it a dream machine for overlanding enthusiasts.

The most noticeable feature of the Sierra Grande concept is the massive 40-inch BF Goodrich tires, which give it a commanding presence and superior traction. To fit these huge tires, AEV had to modify the fenders, suspension, and steering components of the Sierra HD AT4X. The concept also uses the stamped-steel front bumper, skid plates, control arms, and Multimatic DSSV dampers from the production truck. These parts provide extra protection and performance for the rugged truck.

Another distinctive element of the Sierra Grande concept is the 8-foot aluminum tray bed, which replaces the standard pickup bed. The tray bed offers more versatility and storage space for overlanding gear and equipment. It also features a mount for a spare tire, an ARB on-board air system, and a custom AEV rear bumper with a 9,500-pound winch. The front bumper also has a 12,500-pound winch, as well as a prototype AEV brush guard with four off-road lights. An AEV snorkel helps the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engine breathe better in dusty or wet conditions.

AEV Sierra Grande 2

The Sierra Grande concept is painted in a custom green color that matches the outdoor theme of the truck. It also has some unique badges and decals that pay homage to the original GMC Jimmy Casa Grande of the 1970s, which was a camper version of the GMC Blazer. The interior of the concept is mostly stock, except for some AEV floor mats and seat covers.

The Sierra Grande concept is not a production truck, but rather a showcase of what AEV can do with the GMC Sierra HD AT4X platform. It will be on display at the 2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, where it will surely attract a lot of attention from truck fans and overlanders alike. If you are interested in getting a similar truck for yourself, you can check out the GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition or the GMC Sierra AT4X AEV Edition, which are available at select GMC dealerships. These trucks offer some of the same features and benefits as the Sierra Grande concept, but in a more affordable and accessible package.

The AEV Sierra Grande concept is a testament to the partnership between GMC and AEV, and their commitment to creating high-quality and adventure-ready trucks. It is also a tribute to the legacy and heritage of GMC trucks, which have been serving customers for over a century. Whether you are looking for a daily driver or an overlanding rig, you can find a GMC truck that suits your needs and preferences.


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