Aguardem #corinthians #gabigol #futebolbrasileiro #humor #vaicorinthians

Aguardem #corinthians #gabigol #futebolbrasileiro #humor #vaicorinthians – Aguardem is a popular hashtag on social media, particularly among Corinthians fans, used to express anticipation or excitement for something related to the football team. It is often used in reference to potential signings, transfers, or upcoming matches. Recently, there has been increased buzz around the potential return of striker Gabigol to Corinthians, leading to widespread use of the Aguardem hashtag. This has sparked humor and excitement among fans of the Brazilian football team, with many expressing their support and anticipation for the potential signing. The hashtag #vaicorinthians is also commonly used alongside Aguardem to show support for the team.

In this video about Aguardem #corinthians #gabigol #futebolbrasileiro #humor #vaicorinthians.


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