Delicious Roast Pork Soup – Send Noods Ep. 3

“Delicious Roast Pork Soup – Send Noods Ep. 3” – In “Send Noods Ep. 3: Roast Pork Soup,” the hosts explore the flavors and history of this classic Chinese dish. They visit a restaurant known for its roast pork and learn about the process of making the soup. They discuss the key ingredients and techniques used to create the rich and flavorful broth, including the use of roasted pork bones. The hosts also meet with a chef who shares his recipe for roast pork soup and tips for achieving the perfect balance of flavors. Overall, the episode provides an in-depth look at the traditional dish and its cultural significance.

In this video about “Delicious Roast Pork Soup – Send Noods Ep. 3”.


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