Honda’s New V8 BF350

Honda’s New V8 BF350: A Powerful and Efficient Outboard Engine

If you are looking for a new outboard engine that combines power, performance, and fuel efficiency, you might want to check out Honda’s new V8 BF350. This is the biggest and most advanced outboard engine that Honda has ever produced, and it offers some impressive features and benefits for boaters of all kinds. Whether you have a fishing boat, a cruising boat, or a utility boat, the BF350 can deliver the speed, reliability, and economy that you need.

What Makes the BF350 Different?

The BF350 is Honda’s first V8 outboard engine, and it has a displacement of 302 cubic inches. It can produce 350 horsepower at 5500 rpm, and it has a wide operating range of 5000 to 6000 rpm. The engine has a single overhead cam configuration with a 60-degree angle and a 32-valve V8 design. It also has a bore and stroke of 3.5 inches and 3.9 inches respectively, and a compression ratio of 10:1.

One of the most notable features of the BF350 is its fuel efficiency. Unlike some other 350 hp engines that require 91 octane fuel, the BF350 can run on regular 86 octane gasoline, which can save you money at the pump. The engine also has a lean burn control system and a multiport programmed fuel injection system that optimize the air-fuel ratio for different conditions. According to Honda, the BF350 has a 17-percent advantage over its competitors in terms of cruising fuel economy.

Another innovative feature of the BF350 is its self-balancing crankshaft, which is inspired by the technology used in the Acura NSX sports car. This crankshaft reduces the vibration and noise of the engine, making it smoother and quieter than other V8 outboards. The engine also has a dual-stage induction system that enhances the airflow and performance of the engine at low and high speeds.

The BF350 also has some high-tech integrations that make it easier to use and control. For example, it has a cruise control system that allows you to adjust the speed in 50 rpm increments from 650 to 6000 rpm. It also has a trolling mode that lets you set the speed from 650 to 1000 rpm for fishing or maneuvering. The engine has a drive-by-wire system that works with Honda’s Intelligent Shift and Throttle system, which provides smooth and precise shifting and throttling.

The BF350 is also compatible with some of the most popular accessories and systems for boating. For instance, it can work with Dometic’s Optimus 360 joystick boat control system, which can handle up to four engines. It can also connect with most Multi-Function Display (MFD) systems through NMEA2000 engine data compatibility.

Honda’s New V8 BF350

How Does the BF350 Perform?

The BF350 is designed to deliver outstanding performance for a variety of boats and applications. It has a robust alternator that generates 93 amps of power, with 70 amps dedicated to power generation. It also has an AMP+ system that automatically increases the rpm by 100 when there is a high demand for amperage at idle, providing an extra nine amps of power.

The BF350 also has a gear reduction ratio of 1.79:1, which gives it more torque and acceleration than other outboards. The engine also has a dual-propeller gear case that improves the efficiency and handling of the boat. The propellers are counter-rotating, which cancels out the torque steer and provides better balance and stability.

The BF350 is also built to last, with durable and corrosion-resistant materials and components. The engine has an automotive-style timing belt that does not require maintenance or replacement. It also has an oil filter that can be easily accessed from the top of the engine. The engine also has an advanced warning system that alerts you of any potential issues or problems.

Why Choose the BF350?

The BF350 is a great choice for boaters who want a powerful and efficient outboard engine that can handle any situation. The engine offers some unique features and benefits that set it apart from other V8 outboards, such as:

  • Fuel efficiency: The BF350 can run on regular 86 octane gasoline, which can save you money and reduce your environmental impact.
  • Smoothness: The BF350 has a self-balancing crankshaft that reduces vibration and noise, making it one of the smoothest and quietest V8 outboards on the market.
  • Performance: The BF350 has a wide operating range, a high torque output, and a dual-propeller gear case that provide speed, acceleration, and handling for any boat.
  • Technology: The BF350 has some smart integrations that make it easy to use and control, such as cruise control, trolling mode, Intelligent Shift and Throttle, and NMEA2000 compatibility.
  • Reliability: The BF350 is made with quality materials and components that ensure its durability and longevity. It also has an advanced warning system that protects the engine from damage.

If you are interested in learning more about the BF350, you can visit Honda’s website or contact your local Honda dealer. You can also watch a video review of the BF350 by FishTalk Magazine, which gives you a closer look at the engine and its features. The BF350 is a remarkable outboard engine that can enhance your boating experience and satisfaction.


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