Tamiya Razorback Beginner’s Upgrade!! #tamiya #tamiyamini4wd #fyp

Tamiya Razorback Beginner’s Upgrade!! #tamiya #tamiyamini4wd #fyp – The Tamiya Razorback Beginner’s Upgrade is a popular kit for mini 4WD enthusiasts. It includes upgraded parts such as better bearings, gears, and axles to improve the performance of the Razorback model. Additionally, it comes with a new body shell and stickers for customization. This upgrade is designed for beginners looking to enhance the speed and handling of their mini 4WD vehicle. With easy installation and affordable pricing, it’s a great option for those looking to take their racing experience to the next level with the Tamiya Razorback. #tamiya #tamiyamini4wd #fyp

In this video about Tamiya Razorback Beginner’s Upgrade!! #tamiya #tamiyamini4wd #fyp.


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